Dallas Cowboys Should Sign Green Bay Packers QB Matt Flynn

No, this is not another rant about how the Dallas Cowboys should get rid of Tony Romo. This is an analysis of how bringing in Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn would help the Cowboys in the long run. Romo is 31 and has two years left on his monster contract. If he has any more collapse games and the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs in 2012 or 2013, Dallas might be looking a different direction in 2014 when Romo will be 34.

By 2014, Romo will be entering the twilight of his career; he’s not one of these guys who will play past 40. Heck, Romo might not play past 2014 if he gets many more fractured ribs, punctured lungs, broken collarbones or bruised hands.

Regardless, the Cowboys need a quarterback of the future. The team still isn’t sure if Stephen McGee can be that guy, but Dallas can’t wait until that point to find out. Flynn will be a free agent after the Packers’ season ends, whenever that may be. He will undoubtedly be heavily sought after by several NFL teams and will likely sign where he will start right away. Still, there’s no harm in trying for the Cowboys.

Now think about this: what if Romo suffers another season-ending injury and Matt Flynn becomes the next Tom Brady by taking over and leading Dallas to a Super Bowl? That’s not to say he’s a surefire bet to do something like that, but it’s definitely possible.

Despite when he starts, Flynn would make a great addition to the Cowboys. Plus, having a quarterback of his caliber on the depth chart would encourage Romo to watch all his P’s and Q’s, which could make the Cowboys that much better instantaneously.

As mentioned, Flynn probably won’t want to come to Dallas, but Jerry Jones would be nuts not to sign him if he does. Besides the uncertainty surrounding McGee, Jon Kitna’s career is likely over. That means no more elderly magic if Romo goes down again.

Flynn in Dallas just works. He’s a local kid from nearby Tyler, Texas, and he has championship experience from his college days at LSU. Cross your fingers, Cowboys fans.

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  • troy

    This could be the dumbest “rant” in history… the ‘Boys would have to trade Romo before pursuing Flynn you moron. Backups that are free agents that have thrown 6 tds in a game don’t sign to be backups. Flynn is a starter on 12-18 nfl teams NOW! Do you proofread your posts? Are you drunk?

  • http://jerkyloversnetwork.com Robby

    I agree! I have been thinking this since he came into the league. I think he would love to come to Dallas but only if he is going to start. And, how much money would JJ be willing to deal out to a backup unless he is to replace the starter. Only way that could work is if they had something to trade. Only players that may have high enough trade value without future picks right now, would be Dez Bryant and he might be worth it! Throw in McGee and maybe they might think about it. Also Green Bay might not be willing to give him the money to keep him as a backup.

    I think McGee would actually need to go to a team who is willing to let the guy grow as a starter and build an offense, with a good run game, to suit his strengths. He has the mechanics and legs to get the ball where ever he needs to get it. The one knock on him is getting the ball out quick enough. He holds it too long and throws late. But only real experience will help him.