Hasselbeck VS. Locker: Who will be the Starter Next Season?

By Stephanie Umek

Well, it has been publicly announced that Munchak has no secrets about publicly stating that Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker will have to compete with each other for the starting Quarterback position.

In the last blog it was briefly stated that Munchak made a statement that the two will have to compete in off-season practice to prove themselves.

“I hope it’s always going to be a competition, they should always be competing, I felt they competed this year and I would think when we get back and start work in OTAs in June that they are going to come out and compete.”

Apparently this situation doesn’t bother Hasselbeck in the least bit. He released a comment when he talked on the subject earlier this week stating that he likes what Munchak has done with the team and the way that he sends messages is very clear.

When Hasselbeck was in Green Bay, his first year, he was on the practice squad. After that he beat out numerous guys for the #2 position. Then Coach, Mike Holmgren gave the whole team a piece of advice that still sticks out in Hasselbeck’s mind.

“Listen, every job is open, every single job. Now I’ll be honest, I expect Reggie White to be the starter at defensive end, I expect Brett Favre to be the starting quarterback this year, but I’m just telling you right now the best players will play, I don’t care where you were drafted. I don’t care how much money you make. I don’t care about any of that”

Hasselbeck believes that the mentality that the Green Bay Packers had that year, along with the two Coaches following Holmgren, is the main reason why Green Bay is so successful to this day.

Locker was able to play this year but probably not as much as he would have liked. He is going to have to step it up if he wants to “take” Hasselbeck’s position as the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans.

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