Chargers will have to replace another coordinator

By Kenny Gardner

Clarence Shelmon stepped down as offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers, and decided to retire.  Shelmon was quoted as saying “I’m just done.  You know when it’s time.  It’s time for me to go and do some other things with my life.”  Shelmon took over as offensive coordinator in 2007, and San Diego averaged 27 points per game in his five seasons with the team.  In the five previous seasons, San Diego averaged 25 points per game.  The Chargers will have to find a successor for another member of their coaching staff because Greg Manusky was fired last week as defensive coordinator, and replaced by linebackers coach John Pagano.

Norv Turner called the plays when Shelmon was the coordinator, but Shelmon was still a vital part of the team.  Shelmon was in charge of a rushing attack which could have been better during his tenure if San Diego ran the ball more, as they were top 10 in rush attempts as a team for only two out of five years under Shelmon.  This led to them being top 10 in rushing yards once under him in 2007.  The firing of Manusky and the resignation of Shelmon should have signaled the beginning of change within San Diego’s organization, but Turner and A.J. Smith will still be there for the 2012 season.

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