Justin Tuck: “This ’11 Team is Better Than ’07″

Thanks to the awesome segment from NFL.com called SoundFX, we are able to see several players that were “mic-ed up” for the Atlanta Falcons Wild Card game.

One sound bit in particular was a very bold statement from one Justin Tuck, Pro Bowler and defensive captain.

You can see it here, but Tuck says “Hey, they always talkin’ about that ’07 team but I’ll tell you right now, this ’11 team? We’re better than ’07.”

That is a pretty bold statement to say considering that team finished the job and got the rings. I wouldn’t go so far to say that now, but they are definitely more explosive on offense.

I’m not sure the defense is as good as it was in 2007, but they should be brimming with confidence after the way they’ve played these past three weeks.


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