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NFL Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Need to Utilize the Free Agency Market

Brian Spurlock-USA Today

When Indianapolis Colts’ fans think back to this season, they get a sick feeling. The fans are not used to having no Super Bowl run to hope for at this time of the year. The 2-14 season is almost too much to even think about. However, there are good things to come. One of the ways teams get better are through the draft and through free agency.  The Colts have the no. 1 pick and all signs lead to them drafting Andrew Luck with that pick. Luck will be able to start right away if Peyton Manning is not on the roster.  This offseason will be a big one for many teams, but none bigger than the Colts. With a new GM and a past that has not shown much depth at the QB position, I would have to assume that the Colts will be very active this offseason.

When it comes to rebuilding their team, the Colts must resign Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis. Wayne and Mathis have been solid for the Colts during their years at Indianapolis, and to see them leave would hurt not only the organization, but the community of Indianapolis. There are, however, many players available who the Colts should be very aggressive going after.

Even when the Colts won the Super Bowl, their defense was a problem, so that is something they have to address. There are some very good guys out there as options on the free agency list.

D’Qwell Jackson, 28,  has anchored the linebacking core for the Cleveland Browns and would be a huge addition to the Colts.

Cortland Finnegan, a 28-year-old cornerback who has helped the Tennessee Titans, would bring toughness to that secondary although he is often labeled as soft.

The offesne needs help as well. If they do indeed pick Luck, they will need to protect their young quarterback.

Carl Nicks, a 27-year-old guard with the New Orleans Saints, would immediately bring toughness and leadership to the Colts’ offensive line, especially if veteran Jeff Saturday retires.

Dwayne Bowe, a 27-year-old wide receiver with the Kansas City Chiefs, would compliment Wayne very nicely, and the opposing defense wouldn’t be able to double up on Wayne; they would have to worry about both sides of the field. The Colts could then move Pierre Garcon to the slot position and have a pretty good tandem at the receiver position.

These are just a few players available from the list of great players out there, but it is up to the Colts to act on them.

Can the Colts’ fans handle another January not watching their team? It could very well happen if they do not take advantage of their no. 1 pick and the talented free agency list.