A Bit of Advice to Redskins Fans: Don't Get Excited Yet

By Ricky Allen

Interesting week.

The Washington Redskins hire Raheem Morris to be defensive backs coach. I’m glad he was able to find a job, especially when there are so many Americans without one.  But coming to Washington? Well…

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense jumped the shark this season and this is who they hire? I’m not really sure how his defensive strategy (if it’s there) will really affect the Redskins. If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it.

However, coming from a team that was last in the defending the rush, 17th against the pass, and was ranked 30th overall in defense, I have a right to be concerned.You have a right to be concerned for that matter.

May I add the Redskins were 13th overall in defense this year? A crazy jump from being in the 30s in the 2010 season.  So I’m anxious, not excited, to see how this addition will affect how the DBs play this upcoming season.

The last thing you want to do is have to regroup the defense and offense at the same time. While I do agree with Head Coach Mike Shanahan when he said the team needs more depth, he should watch who he injects into the defense.

In his defense (no pun intended), I will say the Bucs did win a Super Bowl while he was a supporting actor (Defensive Asst.) But then again, that was so 2002.

The upcoming season will determine if he’s looking for another job. If he sinks, he will not get a year two.

Oh yeah, and when I say “upcoming season” that doesn’t include the preseason ok?

Don’t get me wrong, I, just like many of you got caught up in the hype when we saw how the Redskins were playing. I’m sure you said, “This might be the year”. Shoot, we all did.

Then we all went outside and smelled the fresh air, cleared our thoughts for a minute.

The Redskins were 3-1 in the 2011 preseason.

They were 2-2 in the 2010 preseason.

They were 1-3 in the 2009 preseason.

Here’s what I’m saying: Don’t get excited until Week Six or Seven. Yes, it’s a long time to wait. We need to when it comes to this team. I don’t care how rebuilt they may look, from picking up Morris, to Williams and Davis coming off suspensions, even if Landry manages to get back on the field.    It’s going to look great, but when it comes to the Redskins, I wouldn’t get excited too soon.

Even if we get a quarterback like RGIII, hold the applause.

Our season will begin at Week 7, and then we can talk excitement.




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