Peyton Manning is Going to the Washington Redskins

By Christopher B. Batchelder


Brian Spurlock – USA TODAY Sports

The recent news on Twitter and other social media sites is that veteran, franchise quarterback Peyton Manning going to the Washington Redskins. Many have said this would be a horrible idea for both parties involved, but lets think about this for a minute.

Manning  is 35-years-old and coming off a season where he did not play a single down, and going to the Redskins, who, lets be honest here, have Rex Grossman as their quarterback. Mike Shanahan has been known to take older quarterbacks and help them get a championship. Also with the “money is not an option” owner that Daniel Snyder is, he would be willing to pick up Manning’s contract. I would bet Manning has three to five years remaining on his playing days; with a new offense and new city, he may believe that situation to be the best for him.

In this case, what does that mean for the Indianapolis Colts?

That would open the doors for Andrew Luck, who would come the Colts, without  question, as a starter. I believe this is the best option if they take Luck as the number one pick and plan on starting him. They need to ship Manning away, and who better than the team that throws money around. The Redskins would be able to handle his lucrative contract.  If they keep Manning and draft Luck it will be a circus, and I am sure the team does not want to deal with that.

If that does happen, is Jim Caldwell safe?

If actions fall into place where Manning is traded and the Colts draft Luck, Caldwell is fired. They need a coach in there that will mold Luck into an NFL quarterback — a hard-nosed guy that will show this young quarterback a direction. Maybe  Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher or even Marty Schottenheimer would be an effective leader for Luck.

When Jim Irsay fired Chris Polian and Bill Polian he put his foot down, and with new leadership comes new attitude. The Colts are changing every day, and this is just another change that needs to happen.

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