Redskins Due For Defensive Slump? History Speaks For Itself

By Ricky Allen

Are the Washington Redskins primed for a drop in their defensive performance?

Looking at their record throughout the years, I would have to forecast that we’re in the clear for at least another 1-2 seasons.  I’m not sure what happens, but it seems the Redskins have a pattern in dramatic defensive slumps.

But has that affected the seasonal standings? Of course it does. A good defense, just as a good offense wins games. You gotta force turnovers, work to get the offense the ball back by stopping third down conversions-It all works together.

However, when you look at the seasonal standings and where the defense ranked that particular year, you’ll see one thing in common: For the Redskins, it really didn’t make  a difference. There hasn’t been a serious breakout year since 2005 (10-6), but the defense was in the top ten.  You could say the same in the previous year, but they were 6-10 with their defense in the league’s top three.

Fans (because that’s who I’m talking to) this is why we need a reformed offense.  This is why we need a franchise quarterback.   Look at the trend and look at the standings.  We’ve had some top ten defenses and for some reason, we still struggled at the same average position we’ve grown accustomed to in the standings.

It’s time to break away from the normal performance marks. If we’re going to get Raheem Morris, shoot for the stars with a drafted quarterback, and allow two rockstar running backs like Helu and Royster take the lead, then we need to get it all to work together.

I’m not sure depth is the answer this season. I think it’s consistency. Don’t believe me? Look at the chart for yourself.

The Redskins, if everyone does their part, will have a good shot at doing some big things this season. However, a defensive drop this year could really do some damage.  Let’s hope that all the veterans come back this year. Because after 2012, if you go by the data, we’re due for a slump.

How funny: 2012, for many, is considered the “end of the world”.  For  the Redskins,  it could be the season to watch.





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