Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2012 Head Coach Search: Current Strategy Will Backfire

By Adrian Mojica

Jeff Fisher has agreed with the St. Louis Rams, Mike Mularky with the Jaguars, and rumors of Mike Zimmer already getting a second interview with the Miami Dolphins are prevalent. While some beat writers are praising the Glazer family for taking their time in the selection process, I beg to differ. Wade Phillips saw the writing on the wall and Jeff Fisher didn’t even give the Buccaneers the time of day. The head coaching job for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is not a prestigious one, and is one which faces an ownership labeled as cheap. Not the best combination for a coach looking for a job. Mike Zimmer is one of the best current coaches available and it is looking like the Dolphins are prepared to give him the keys.

Yes, taking your time to make the best choice is a good strategy overall, but not when the market is thin and you are desperate for a change. There is a reason teams are not breaking down the door for a chance to interview Marty Schottenheimer, Mike Sherman, and Brad Childress. Even the Oakland Raiders have passed these guys up and are rumored to be favoring Winston Moss as their next head coach. Mike Zimmer was supposedly interviewing with the Buccaneers Monday and it would be wise if they made him an offer on the spot. Other than Rob Chudzinski and Jerry Gray, there is no currently active coach on the Buccaneers radar. While Sherman and the others all have something to bring to the table and will be upgrades in the discipline department, Zimmer carries both track record and the mind set needed.

At this point, it seems as if the Bucs are using Sherman as an old standby if things don’t pan out. The problem is, if they wait long enough he may not be available either. The Glazer family needs to make a move before all top options wash up and they are stuck right where they started.


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