Football Double Check...Green Bay Packers


The Green Bay Packers go down as the worst 15-1 team in NFL history. If it wasn’t for the help of two of the worst calls in the modern era by the officials, the Packers would only have scored six points. Packers fans can call this team a dynasty, I call it a team with many weaknesses. The Giants exploited the Packers quite well yesterday. It’s not who starts the race, but who finishes it. And the Packers were a lot of flash but not a lot of substance.

Let’s start with the defense. I’ve been calling Clay Matthews III overrated for a long time. Yesterday once again proved it. During the regular season. he finished with 50 tackles, three forced fumbles and interceptions. But the most telling part of his season was his six sacks. I’ve heard every excuse from the Packers fans from he’s being double-teamed on every play to he’s been playing hurt all season, but the bottom line is he’s not getting to the quarterback. In order for the Packers defense to be successful, Matthews has to get to the quarterback. Dom Capers’ defenses have always been built on the outside linebacker pressuring the quarterback. When that doesn’t happen, results like yesterday occur. It was cute how Matthews piled on a sack and hit Manning late. Of course, the officials missed that yesterday.

Offensively, Aaron Rodgers has to be great in order for the Packers to win. This team cannot run the football. Jordy Nelson had a wonderful regular season, but wasn’t around much yesterday. I’m not sure what happened to Jermichael Finley, but he makes Roy Williams look like Andre Johnson. Donald Driver is a player I have huge respect for, but talks about his retirement seem pretty substantive. Greg Jennings tried to gut it out yesterday, but you could tell he wasn’t 100 percent. The Packers relied on an amazing one-dimensional offense all season long, but when it came to Sunday, they just weren’t able to handle the relentless Giants.

I’ll take my bows now for pointing out the concerns of the Packers back in November (click here). I also predicted the Giants would win the NFC back in early January coming in at number 10 (click here). So I saw this coming. However, the fans that like to purchase fake shares of stock and go for Discount Double Checks may want to be a little less cocky. I’m friends with many Packers fans. I respect them but some can be a bit over the top. You can call be a dumb FIB, but just like you, I’ll be enjoying the playoffs from the comforts of my couch next Sunday.

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