Green Bay Packers need a running game, badly!

By richardvalente

After watching the Giants put a beatdown on the Green Bay Packers last night, I had many, many questions about this team. The defensive struggles of this season are the subject of a lot of those questions, but the running game was the subject of others. The last time these two teams met, Aaron Rodgers was not only the leading passer on the team, but also the leading rusher. This again was the case last night. My issue with this is, if you have running backs, why don’t you use them? My major issue is with the running game philosophy of the coaching staff. Why don’t they ever let one of the running backs get going? I’m all for the two man running attack, but I firmly believe that you need to get one of those backs going. Giving Ryan Grant 5 carries, then bringing in James Starks for the next 5, to me, doesn’t help get the running attack going. Ryan Grant’s highest carry total in a single game this season was 17 against the Bears on September 25. This was also his highest yardage output of 92 yards. James Starks’ highest carry total this year was 13. This to me, is not nearly enough to get either one of these guys going at a consistant speed. I understand that when you have this group of recievers with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, it’s more of a pass first mentality. I’m not disputing that. I’m saying, maybe give Ryan Grant 20 carries a game or James Starks 20 carries a game, and the running game can compliment the passing game and accomplish two things; first, take some of the pressure off of Rodgers and the passing attack, and second, open up the play action for the big strikes downfield.

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