Hey Lions the Packers do not own the division

By Greg Bolotin

The Detroit Lions players and their fans should be even more excited about the 2012 season after seeing Green Bay get bounced by the Giants. The packers are not unstoppable; the flaws they showed in the loss to the Chiefs were again exposed.

The Giants were able to put pressure Aaron Rodgers from the beginning of the game. This caused and turnovers by the Green Bay offense.  The Green bay receivers dropped key throws from Aaron Rodgers that could have changed the outcome of the game. Aaron Rodgers himself made poor throwing decisions himself hurting the packers further and fumbling on a key drive when they were already behind.

If the Giants pressure could throw the Packers off their game this much during a playoff game, the rest of the NFL can too.  These were the same Giants that lost in the closing seconds to the packers a few short weeks ago. They made adjustments on defense and they held the Packers to 20 points and it should have been less.

The Lions play two times during the regular and possibly a third time in the post season.  The Packers defense is not anything special, when the Lions played Green Bay in weekend twelve they fell behind early but almost came back at the end.

The Lions cannot play the packers and expect to beat them with early turnovers and falling behind by 24 points in the third quarter.  Rodgers had his typical game with throwing a couple touchdowns without throwing an interception. The Lions did not pressure him enough to get the packers off their game. In that fourth quarter when the Lions were getting pressure and their offense was gaining confidence with each scoring drive. What happened to Green Bay’s offense, it sputtered, they were thrown off their game. They managed a field goal.

The Lions do not need great defense to beat the Packers, they need to develop plan to put pressure to disrupt their offense. If they cannot move the ball through the air the rest of their offense falls flat. The Packer’s defense depends on their offense to keep scoring because their defense gives up a ton of yards and points.

The Lions lost most of their regular season games to NFC teams, if they can learn from What the Giants did to Defeat the Packers. The Lions can win those games and improve their record winning the North division is a high possibility making the possibility of advancing further into the post season that much more promising as well.

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