Mike Holmgren to be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

By Michael Terrill

Former head coach Mike Holmgren will be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame this summer.

Holmgren’s record as a Packer was 84-42 including 9-5 in the postseason. He coached from 1992-1998 where he had seven consecutive winning seasons. He led the Packers to three straight NFC championship games from 1995-1997 which includes back-to-back Super Bowls in 1996 and 1997. Holmgren famously brought the Vince Lombardi trophy back home to Green Bay when he won Super Bowl XXXI in 1997.

A big reason for the success of the Packers was quarterback Brett Favre and defensive end Reggie White. Holmgren was in charge of grounding Favre and making him into the Hall of Fame quarterback the NFL was so lucky to watch over the past 20 years.

When free agency began in 1992, Reggie White was the first big-time acquisition any team could make. Holmgren knew everyone wanted him so he had to be creative if he wanted to get him. White stated he was waiting for a sign from God whether or not he should join the Packers. Holmgren heard about this and decided to leave a message on his answering machine, saying “Reggie, this is God. Go to Green Bay.” The rest of course is history.

Holmgren desperately wanted to be the general manager for Green Bay when Ron Wolf retired as well as remain the head coach. Wolf could never make any guarantees which led to Holmgren looking elsewhere for work. He took a lot of heat from fans and the local media during the Packers 1998 postseason run when Holmgren was in negotiations with the Seattle Seahawks while preparing for the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos. Of course, the Packers would go on to lose the game.

He coached the Seahawks from 1999-2008 where he led the team to their first Super Bowl in franchise history, a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Holmgren is currently the president of the Cleveland Browns as he is in charge of resurrecting a historic franchise.

The 42nd Hall of Fame induction banquet will take place in the Lambeau Field Atrium on July 21st.

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