49ers move on after Shoot-Out at Candlesticks OK Corral

By timepstein

…it’s the same reason the cowboys (Saints, Packers, Patriots?) didn’t continue on in the N FL Playoffs?

The shoot-out is dead —dead —dead —dead. All the participants have either died or killed each other. And it’s sad.

So now we look at the San Francisco 49ers to pick up the pieces, because being born on the frozen tundra or the un-frozen tundra is certainly a prerequisite to a Super Bowl Championship? It’s something that’s been there, always. Or …will the Patriots, the last of the Shoot-Out artists, show us a different story —complimented by six-shooters on their hips?

Now …the Dallas cowboys aren’t continuing with the Playoff run because they’re mediocre. Then …the cowboy, the American Cowboy briefly flourished, and then died. The cowboy experience lasted from around 1860 to around 1880. It was a fad to be a cowboy, and, experienced by a single generation of Americans. That’s it.

So, our mission is obvious? We’re here to differentiate whether the ‘Shoot Out’ style NFL offense is a fad or a trend?

I believe the only way to achieve this is to transcend the sports world, and make comparisons to other areas that encompass our life.

A perfect example of Fads happens quite frequently with fashion. It’s one of the three essential ingredients for survival: Food, shelter, and clothing. And more importantly —we don’t want to give the clothes off our back. Right? So we wear, ‘stretchy-pants’, bell-bottoms, skinny-jeans, acid-wash jeans, hippie-wear, disco-get-ups, raves, and then, the Fashion Police comes to blur our different worlds? Nonetheless, these are obvious Fads,

A trend is something different. A trend was Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers winning their first Super Bowl. A trend has the possibility, after time, of possibly dominating a certain industry, for example, the San Francisco 49ers, which became one of the sports franchises admired throughout the entire sports world.

These differences, I believe, are very important. For us to survive we must know the difference between a fad and a trend. Of course the Niners didn’t want to face a ‘Fad’,

They wanted to play the New York Giants instead of the Green Bay Packers. What reasonable mind wants to face a pugnacious, little punk, like —Billy the Kid? A Fad-setter. Perhaps, the assassins, the ‘Shoot-Out’ artists are better left to wither and die alone,

The End

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