My Final Take on the 2011 Green Bay Packers Season

By richardvalente

So here we are, 3 days after a shocking and demoralizing defeat to the New York Giants and there still are many questions as to how and why this team went down without much of a fight.  The obvious reason being poor defensive play, costly turnovers, and dropped passes.  But as I sit here and think about the season, I think one other not so obvious reason for their ultimate demise in the playoffs could be complacency.  I saw a team throughout the season that felt like nobody could stop them.  At certain times, it certainly appeared that way.  However, as I look back, I see games that the Packers won that they certainly had every opportunity to lose.  Games like week 1 against the Saints, week 2 against the Panthers, week 7 against the Vikings, week 9 against the Chargers, week 11 against the Bucs, week 13 against the Giants, and week 17 against the Lions.  Of those games, only 3 of them were to playoff teams, the rest were to teams that not only didn’t make the playoffs, but most didn’t come close.  I never saw from this years team what I saw last year and that is a hunger, drive, and a desire to be great.  This game is all about adjustments, and teams have obviously made adjustments to the Packers game, but the Packers just didn’t seem to adjust their game.  The offense put up record setting stats, but when the defense gives up the same number to the opposing offense, there is a big problem.  When I look at this defense, they seemed to just believe that it didn’t matter how many points they gave up, because the offense would always bail them out.  The only silver lining I see in this loss to the Giants is that it might re-light the fire from 2010 and make them realize that they are not a perfect team and they have some holes to fill.  I firmly believe this team is set up for the long haul and the championship window is still wide open.

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