New Orleans Saints sign 6 players to future contracts

By Alejandro Aviles

The New Orleans Saints announced today on their website that they have signed 6 players to future contracts. The 6 players signed include: Defensive Tackle, Mitch King, Running Back, Chris Taylor, Cornerback, Kmaal Mcllwain, Wide Receiver Andy Tanner, and Tackles Phil Trautwein and Fenuki Tupou. All six players spent most if not all of the season on the Saints’ practice squad. Signing these players to future contracts allows the Saints to have players who can come in and participate on the practice squad and develop at the same time.

The way I see it future contracts are a win-win scenario; players are offered some stability and room to grow and teams have insurance policies if they ever need to go so deep down in depth. Furthermore, future contracts allow players to prove their worth and in some cases can get their big break even if they started out on the practice squad. Future contracts are a good investment because you never know when you might find a diamond in the rough. It is encouraging for Saints’ fans that their team has already begun to start solidifying their roster and provide depth at key positions.

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