No Steve Spagnuolo For Philadelphia Eagles As New Orleans Saints Nab Defensive Coordinator

By Bryn Swartz

You can throw away any dreams you had of the Eagles bringing back Steve Spagnuolo to serve as their defensive coordinator for the 2012 season.

Spagnuolo has signed a contract with the New Orleans Saints, according to Jay Glazer.

The Spagnuolo signing means that the Eagles will have to look elsewhere for their defensive coordinator in 2012, instead of signing a defensive genius who led the Giants to an improbable upset victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Instead the Eagles will likely keep Juan Castillo, the team’s offensive line coach for 13 seasons, as the coordinator in 2012.

If they choose to bring in a replacement for Castillo, they could promote current offensive line coach Howard Mudd to defensive coordinator. Or they could name quarterbacks coach Doug Pederson as the d-coordnator. Or wide receivers coach David Culley, or tight ends coach Tom Melvin. All of those have as much experience coaching defense as Castillo did when he was handed the starting job on a silver platter last offseason.

Get ready for another long season at the defensive coordinator position, Eagles fans.

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