Now Jason Garrett Says He Might Give Up Play-Calling Duties for Dallas Cowboys

By Jeric Griffin

Just when it seemed things were going to quiet down, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett stirred the pot again. Everyone remembers the recent long, drawn-out, meaningless explanation by Garrett and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about how Dallas’ head coach will always call the offensive plays. Well now Garrett is on record saying he will give up the duties, but he didn’t say when. This is getting ridiculous.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” Garrett said. “I think you just get to a point where, ‘Hey, I’m going to turn that over to somebody else,’ and you’ve seen that around the league at different times and that’s just part of the process that we’ll go through.”

That statement would have been totally fine and probably applauded if Jones hadn’t just got through saying Garrett will always call the offensive plays as long as he’s head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Just leave it alone, already!

At this point, we don’t care whether or not Garrett calls the plays. After being told several different things in two weeks, it comes to a point where it’s ridiculous.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the recent naming of Bill Callahan as offensive coordinator. In case you didn’t know, that title is reserved for coaches who call their teams’ offensive plays. Jerry Jones named Callahan the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator last week, but then said he wouldn’t call the offensive plays. That means he’s not the offensive coordinator.

“I’ll say this about titles in the National Football League – everybody is into titles and I think titles are great for organizations for structure,” Callahan said. “[Garrett] will be the play-caller and my job as the assistant coach, coordinator, however you want to deem it, is to serve the head coach and help the organization the best that I can.”

Callahan is the Cowboys’ offensive line coach; plain and simple. The only way he’ll help the Cowboys as a partial offensive coordinator is to run some offensive meetings so Garrett can spend more time with the Cowboys’ defense, which really needs some work.

But wait! We’re not even to the best part yet! After saying he would eventually give up the play-calling duties, Garrett then contradicted himself about three more times.

“I think that would have been disruptive to our team,” Garrett said. “I think it’s important to be consistent through the good times and some of the times where you struggle a little bit and you certainly want to make change when things don’t go well. We feel like the way we want to progress going forward (is) just keeping the structure in place the way it’s been.”

So basically the Cowboys are going to wait until everything gets really bad before we strip Garrett of his play-calling duties. Then Garrett said Dallas will keep the distractions out so the team can still disappoint from year-to-year. If you didn’t get that from his words, then you don’t speak the moronic language that is a staple of Garrett and Jerry Jones. Now that I think about it, good for you.

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