St. Louis Rams To Play In London For Next Three Years

By Anthony Blake

The St. Louis Rams have had no shortage of news in recent days and that stream of information just continues to flow.

Confirmation was made with the NFL that the Rams will be taking part in a transformation of sorts playing host to a game in London, England once a year for the next three seasons. This revelation means that the city of St. Louis will lose a home game a year for each of the next three years, but the issue of selling tickets becomes less of a problem for the franchise.

In 2012, the Rams will battle the New England Patriots in Wembley Stadium which has been the venue for all of the NFL’s games staged overseas in recent years. This will be New England’s second trip across the pond for a regular season game as they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2009.

With the Rams struggling to sell tickets at the end of seasons given their recent playoff drought dating back to 2003, the team hopes that this news will spark a newfound interest in the fan base. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is just as optimistic about the NFL’s future in the United Kingdom saying: “We are confident that having the Rams host one game in the UK in each of the next three seasons will allow us to better serve the growing popularity of our sport beyond the borders of the United States.”

This new arrangement for the Rams is very similar to the commitment that the Buffalo Bills made to the city of Toronto. The jog northward for Buffalo is much shorter than crossing the Atlantic Ocean will be for the Rams, but the team hopes to fair better than Buffalo has in their international experience as it took the Bills until this past season to pick up their first win in Toronto after four attempts.

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