How the New York Giants can win the NFC Championship

By garymarchese

The New York Giants have a big game tomorrow afternoon with the San Francisco 49ers.  It is the NFC Championship game and both teams are flying high after upset victories last weekend.  The Giants won in Green Bay defeating the Super Bowl Champs and also the team that had only lost one game this season.  The win by the Giants wasn’t so shocking that they won but that they did it so easily.  If you take away a couple of bad calls by the officials the Packers may have only scored one touchdown.  We are now moving on though to the NFC Championship which should be a rough and tough game.  The 49ers upset the New Orleans Saints last week at home and feel confident being home.  Here is how the Giants can win the game and be back in the Super Bowl for the first time in four years.

1.  The Giants defense needs to continue to put the pressure on.  The Giants defense has been maligned all season long but is now playing great.  The defense has stepped up when it was needed most.  The defense is finally healthy and they have that pass rush running at full steam ahead.  The Giants can get to Alex Smith and I also feel that they can rattle him.  The 49ers are built to run the ball and block the run well but they don’t do pass protection so well.  I know a lot of people want to look at last week and how well the 49ers offense and Smith played.  I am not buying it though, I believe he can’t do that two weeks in a row.  I also believe it is a much better defense in the Giants he will be facing tomorrow.

2.  This is pretty obvious but the Giants need to limit their mistakes.  They have been doing a great job of that especially lately.  They can’t afford to have too many fumbles or interceptions and also stupid penalties.  In the regular season at least across the first 14 games that came back to haunt them a lot.  The Giants seem like a much more disciplined team right now and that needs to continue if they want to win this game.

3.  The Giants need to get their running game going.  I know they have scored a lot of points this season and really didn’t have a running game.  I feel in this game though controlling the clock will be important.  I also feel that if the Giants run it successfully the 49ers defense will be more vunerable to the passing game, especially play action.  I think this is where Eli Manning can do the most damage and hit some big plays and lead the Giants to victory.

I would expect a really high spirited, hard hitting game.  This is two old rivals and you could see an old school football game.  The defenses of both teams are good and they may control this game.  I would expect something along the lines of a 24-21 type of game.  I do feel that the Giants will win this game and head to the Super Bowl.  I think though if the Giants can do the things I said above they will definitely win and be looking for another Super Bowl win.

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