Move over Dallas Cowboys: Baltimore Ravens New Rival for Redskins?

Have the Baltimore Ravens become the new “Dallas Cowboys” for the Washington Redskins?

Yeah.Think about that for a moment.

When the Redskins play Dallas, it’s  a great time to harass every Cowboys’ fan I see beside me at the stoplight, in the  WalMarts,  gas stations… and church.

The funny thing is they expect it, and are always ready. That makes it even funnier. That’s how in-depth the historical rivalry is.

However, there’s a new rivalry emerging against the Baltimore Ravens.  I feel this weekend may take that to a whole new level.

It’s enough that Redskins fans have to watch the Baltimore Ravens play in a championship game.  It’s going to be even worse to watch them in the Super Bowl, if they get that far.

And if they win? We’ll never hear the end of it.

This weekend is going to divide the District (if it isn’t already). Some  have claimed regional reasons to why they’ll cheer for the Ravens. I don’t want to deal with that saturation of Ravens’ fans, and the bandwagon jumpers that love them.

Why? Because they’re going to think they own D.C.

Epic Fail.

At first I didn’t feel this way. Over the years, however, the Baltimore Ravens have grown into this powerhouse. They want to feel like they’re the team for the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area.

Do I hope they lose this weekend? Yep. Do I care about the whole “Well they’re from our area” ? Nope. I’ve been to Baltimore  enough times to know they’re  nothing like Redskins fans.

You can’t compare Redskins fans to no one.  Ravens fans? Yeah,  they sound a lot like Cowboys fans.

There’s a definite rivalry brewing-An odd one, but there’s a movement.

With that being said, Come get me Baltimore.




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  • peter

    its going to be OK Rick…ive heard nothing but criticism from redskins fans my whole adult life (i’m 27). “‘how did you become a ravens fan?’ they say. ‘you’re from Annapolis!’ ‘Is it because they won the super bowl!?” Im sick of it. I am not of the i hate the redskins because of J. K. Cooke Baltimore crowd. I dont hate the redskins. I like the ravens beacause my dad liked the Colts and because The Ravens wear that MD flag on their sleeve. Im proud of them because they have heart. and they have a great orginization (and a great owner). I live 2 blocks from the stadium in a city that is so close to their sports teams that its scary. I love it and i will never apologize. especially to those jealous/hating redskinskins fan friends of mine. I have some advice for you. Enjoy the fact that people who are for the most part your neighbors are enjoying every minute of it because they know it wont last. be happy for them. dont cheer for them, because they dont need you. but be happy for them, because many of them would be happy for you. p.s. bankrupt dan snyder

  • mike

    -Ravens beat redskins in 97, 2004, 2008 regular seasons. U should know this.

    -Don’t the skins’ have enough rivals already. Ravens would not consider this a rivalry until u guys actually start winning some football games.