Patrick Chung and Ed Dickson Two Former Teammates Competing In Sunday's AFC Championship

By Chris Ransom

Before Baltimore Ravens tight end Ed Dickson and New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung got to the NFL, the two were teammates at Oregon.  Dickson would face Chung in one on one practice sessions leading up to their days in the NFL.  Now, Dickson will face Chung, once again with much higher implications on the line.

Patrick Chung was once a strong safety for the Oregon Ducks.  Chung prospered during his collegiate career at Oregon before getting an invitation to the 2009 Senior Bowl.  The New England Patriots selected Chung with the 34th overall selection in the 2009 NFL Draft.  Since getting selected by the New England Patriots, Chung has evolved into one of the NFL’s most effective safeties.

The teammate in practice that Chung would help mold into a better athlete was Oregon Ducks tight end Ed Dickson.  Dickson really thrived as a senior, mainly because of the scrimmages against Chung.  Dickson had 42 receptions, 551 receiving touchdowns, and 6 receiving touchdowns during his senior season at Oregon after Patrick Chung left for the NFL.

Ed Dickson may have been a New England Patriot if the Ravens took Rob Gronkowski.  Then Chung and Dickson might be playing with each other for a chance at a Super Bowl instead of playing against each other in Sunday’s AFC Championship.

Were never going to know what happens if Patrick Chung and Ed Dickson become teammates in New England at this point.  One thing everyone will know is the victor of Sunday’s AFC Championship in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

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