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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2012 Head Coach Search: Mike Sherman to join Joe Philbin?

Benjamin Volin, writer for the Palm Beach Post made a good point via Twitter that Mike Sherman could join Joe Philbin in Miami now that he is officially the head coach. The two coached together at Tulane in 1984 and Sherman hired Philbin to the Green Bay Packers organization in 2003. Sherman is considered a strong candidate for the Buccaneers job and if Sherman is hired, that would eliminate yet another candidate from the Bucs list. The Glazer family’s methodical and slow approach may see them wind up with a head coach not much better than Raheem Morris. Outside of any potential interviews to come from the four remaining playoff teams, the Buccaneers are running out of options. Even Brad Childress is being mentioned as a possibility to coach the Indianapolis Colts, expected to interview some time in the coming week.

It is starting to look like the Glazer family and Mark Dominik had no plan on what they wanted in a head coach and are too afraid to pull the trigger. Two coaches whom the Buccaneers started their search with are now gaining heat after being largely ignored. Every day which passes only puts the organization further in the hole. The East-West Shrine game took place today in the Buccaneers backyard and instead of having a head coach with a direction, scouts are left to evaluate based on what Dominik and ownership dictate to them. If Sherman and Chilly are hired and Zimmer goes elsewhere as well, Marty Schottenheimer would become the most trusted name left. Now the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Tom Clements, another Buccaneers candidate, is likely to get promoted to offensive coordinator for the Packers. Start letting it soak in, a guy out of Pro Football since 2007, Marty Schottenheimer could be the best candidate left if the current trend continues.