Looking Back on Great Plays from This Year

By Stephanie Umek

The 2012 season was full of a lot of exciting plays from the Tennessee Titans. Who can forget some of the moments that led the Titans to the exciting finish of their 9-7 season.

It’s a good thing Craig Stevens got a contract extension; remember back to the game against Denver and his huge 44 yard run down to the twenty yard line?

Or what about the tip off a punt against Indy that was recovered in the end zone by for a Titans touchdown.

Mariani with a few big plays, a huge run against Carolina and the flip back to Tommie Campbell against the Buccaneers for a yard run and a Titans touchdown.

Kenny Britt had a great year when he was not injured. He particularly shined against the Ravens with his catch thrown by Hasselbeck for a yard run and a touchdown.

Cincinnati got a piece of the Titans but not before an interception by Jordan Babineaux for a return of almost 100 yards. And I hope you’re not forgetting the amazing catch with toes barely inbounds by Damian Williams.

Jake Locker had an opportunity against the Saints with a diving touchdown over the pylon. Not to mention many runs by Jared Cook and Chris Johnson.

What other plays do you remember from this years’ season that left you saying TOUCHDOOOWN TITANS!

Too see footage of the Titans best plays of 2012 please visit www.titansonline.com

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