The San Francisco 49ers are ready for the Giants with Chicken Soup

By timepstein

The X’s and O’s of today’s match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants have been studied —Ad nauseum. Every category of every performance has been ranked and judged, and then once again … What else’s left to do …?

Since the San Francisco 49ers Playoff games seemingly have the colossal responsibility of being the measuring rod for NFL greatness. And because the question that’s always relevant, and asked, “first, we take a look at what the Niners have done,” before any ranking or judgment should be attempted. What else’s left to do still seems to be a good question,

As the 49er Classics continue to build; The Catch, The Stop, The Grab?, The Catch 11, The Catch 111, The Run, The Bootleg, and since these classics, with others help keep the heart-beat of the NFL alive. And since the Niners are definitely back and keeping their responsibilities —What else’s left to do doesn’t seem to want to go away?

I think Coach Harbaugh said the 9ers are ready. When asked about last week’s victory over the New Orleans Saints, and what that meant for Sunday’s match-up, he said, “…It felt like somebody locked the gates and put us in here and we got 70,000 people and a city behind us. I hope we get that this week.” I think that he thinks —the Niners are ready for the Giants.

But this is the NFL, the place where everything is possible. With all the experts, ‘holding the fort’, at every door, did they forget to bring some —Chicken Soup?

Yes, chicken soup. Since the outcome of today’s game often depends on ‘game day’ adjustments. And since people have said the names Alex Smith and Joe Montana in the same sentence —How is Alex Smith feeling today could be a very important question? Did he awake this morning with the flu?

In 1979, on an extremely cold day in Texas, a young Notre Dame quarterback who was battling the flu, and also the Houston Cougars, had to leave the game in the third quarter because of hypothermia.

That young quarterback became legendary 49er QB Joe Montana.

He ran straight to the locker room for some chicken soup. It apparently relieved all pain. He returned later and resumed his position behind center, and eclipsed a 22 fourth quarter deficit with a game-winning TD throw, ending the game, 35 – 34 or —in favor of chicken soup!

Chicken soup somehow made that special variable inside Joe Montana obvious, and later we all saw the culmination of that as he helped San Francisco with 4 Super Bowl Championships.

As the clock ticks away to kick-off time, I’m ambivalent. I wonder, did Alex Smith awake this morning with the flu?

The End

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