2012 Senior Bowl Players Redskins Fans and Staff Should Have on their Radar

By Emmanual Benton

No team drafted more 2011 Senior Bowl players than the Washington Redskins. Weird thing is, the Redskins staff wasn’t even present for last years Senior Bowl week.

With Washington’s staff coaching this year’s Senior Bowl game, it should give them ample opportunity to possibly scout players to draft at a great value. I believe the 2012 NFL draft will and should be an offensive heavy draft for the Redskins. Below we’ll go through a few names, I think, would be great a fit in Washington.

Nick Foles, QB, Arizona:

  • Foles weighed in at 6ft 5, 244 lbs, with a 10 ¾ hand size. That is a massive individual, and a guy the Redskins will have under the radar. Foles has a cannon of a arm to match that size. However, struggles with intermediate/deep accuracy. He’s more mobile than given credit for, though his mechanics tend to break down when moving out the pocket. What I want to see from Nick Foles this week is, command of the offense, accuracy on anticipation routes, deep accuracy, clean footwork, and showing some ability to improvise. Nick Foles was a product of a bad system, poor coaching, and outside of Juron Criner the team lacked talent at Arizona. If Foles can prove himself capable of doing those things, I believe he’ll fit right in with Mike and Kyle Shanahan. Making him a possible draft target for the Redskins. Washington must get a young QB this year, no matter what happens in free agency. They may look to trade up for a Robert Griffin III. However, if Foles shines, drafting him could be a prudent move.

Chris Rainey, RB/WR/KR/PR, Florida:

  • Rainey weighed in at 5ft 8, 178 lbs today, and though he’s small, Rainey may be the playmaker this Redskins offense needs. Chris Rainey does have a long list of red flags, and will definitely will be questioned about them. However, if he checks out clean, I expect Mike Shanahan to think “upgrade over Brandon Banks” this week during practice. Brandon Banks is listed at 5ft 7, 155 lbs, so Rainey is larger. He may also prove to be more explosive, as Rainey runs a legit 4.2 – 4.3 forty time. Chris Rainey reminds me of Darren Sproles, who at 5ft 6, 190 lbs has been a playmaker in the NFL. Rainey would bring needed speed on the Redskins offense, and could contribute as a 3rd down situational back, in a already crowded backfield. He has suffered some injuries playing in the SEC, so priority #1 for Rainey this week is to stay healthy. I can’t wait to see how Mike an Kyle Shanahan use him.

Juron Criner, WR, Arizona:

  • Criner measured in a little shorter than expected, at 6ft 2, 220 lbs. He has decent arm length, with 31 ⅜ inch arms and 10 ½ inch hands, which is good. The biggest issue with Criner is the ability to separate from press coverage, which usually makes or breaks an outside receiver at the next level. Mike Shanahan typically judges receivers off of the ability to beat press, and would probably like to see Criner prove capable of doing that. However, Senior Bowl DB’s are not allowed to play press. Which is unfortunate for evaluating Criner. Either way, Criner is a strong handed, physical talent, that should have a good week. Especially with his teammate, Nick Foles, throwing to him. I will be looking to see Criner’s burst in and out of cuts, as well as his route running ability.

Dwight Jones, WR, UNC:

  • Here’s a guy I’m really interested in seeing. Jones weighed in at 6ft 3, 226 lbs today, which is an inch shorter than expected. His 33 ⅜ inch arms only extends his length, making him an imposing figure. I believe Dwight Jones will have a better NFL career than collegiate. He’s a physical Wr, willing to block in the run game, and has great hands. What I need to see from him this week is, the ability to burst off the ball, and make yards after the catch.

Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M:

  • Fuller has been an underachiever, in my opinion. However, weighing in at 6ft 4, 217 lbs, with a 34 inch wing span is incredible! He has a ton to prove though, starting with his route running, and his ability to burst off the line. Fuller doesn’t have great speed, but his size could make up for that if he learns how to use his body to his advantage. He also has a problem beating press coverage, which again, is key to an outside receiver having success in the NFL. Fuller has a ton to prove, but with that frame, should definitely be looked at as a possible draft target.

Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia:

  • Glenn had a huge day during weigh in, at 6ft 5, 346 lbs and 35 inch arms! Wow. I’ve been a fan of Glenn for a while. I think he has good athletic ability for his size. Cordy will have a ton of talent across from him during practice this week, and I’m interested in watching his leverage/technique against an inside rusher like Brandon Thompson.

Audie Cole, ILB, NC State:

  • Drafting a future replacement for London Fletcher may not be mandatory, but if the Redskins do seek for one, Audie Cole is one of my favorites. He weighed in today at 6ft 4, 248 lbs, which is great, because he needs to start filling in his frame. At NC State, he was listed at 239 pounds, so he’s gained about 10 lbs and I’m sure will work to keep adding more weight. He’s a raw talent I love, athletic, and a good fit for the 34 alignment ILB position. Unfortunately, he won’t be on the South Team, however I made an exception for Cole because I believe he could be a value pick.

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