Chip Kelly to be named Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach

By Adrian Mojica

The Twitter world exploded hours ago with tweets by Adam Schefter, Jason LaCanfora, and Rick Stroud announcing Oregon football coach Chip Kelly is going to be the next coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Schefter went as far as to say the deal could be wrapped up in the next 24 hours.

In Kelly, the Bucs are getting an offensive mind which put the Oregon football program on the map, setting numerous school records. In 3 seasons he has a 34-6 record, winning the Rose Bowl in 2011 while losing a trip to the BCS title game in 2010 against Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers. While Kelly is considered one of the premiere coaches in college, exactly how is he a change from what the Buccaneers had in Raheem Morris?

Raheem Morris has 9 years of NFL experience, Kelly has none.  How exactly is he going to resonate with players coming out of a college game and never playing a down in the NFL? How is he going to resonate with professional players when he has never been on a professional field? I get it, this is the change they were talking about. They meant even less experience is what they wanted in their new head coach.

While Kelly may indeed turn out to prove me very wrong, this really has little to do with him and more to do with the Glazer family. Once again, they have misled a loyal fan base. They told us they were going to make the best choice possible and look at all their options. Is leaving Mike Zimmer, a premiere defense coordinator in the NFL not a better choice? Even the likes of Mary Schottenheimer, Brad Childress and Mike Sherman instill more confidence than bringing up a college coach with not even a lick of professional experience as an assistant.

Maybe, this is when the NFL needs to take a long look at the Glazer family and decide if they are deserving to be NFL owners? Could it possibly be that current assistants and coordinators snubbed the organization because of the Buccaneers ownership? Other than Brad Childress, no other candidate was vocal about their support or interest in the job. While other teams with vacancies quickly hurried to fill the position, the Buccaneers decided it would be a long process before it even began. This is either because they understood not many people would be interested in working for them or because they misunderstood the value of this embattled franchise.

For now, we must hope that Chip Kelly can translate his college success to the professional ranks. Fans will be rooting for him because of their passion for the team. The Glazer familywill be rooting for him because after one lost gamble in Raheem Morris, this one might pay off. If it does, they will buy themselves more time to milk the fan base and claim they are mavericks. If it does not, the NFL needs to step in and put an end to their reign.

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