Is Philip Rivers the answer for the San Diego Chargers?

By Utsav Panchal

As it’s been seen again and again in the NFL, an elite quarterback can take you long ways. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have excelled for years with sub-par defenses, and lackluster running games. Can Philip Rivers take that kind of responsibility and be that kind of leader for the Bolts? The Chargers already boast a better defense than the Patriots and the Colts, having been ranked #1 overall in yards allowed in 2010, and ranking in at 16th in 2011. The Chargers also boast a healthier rushing offense than the Patriots and Colts, ranking in at 16th. Both seasons they failed to make the playoffs, giving up spots to teams that were way worse. So the question is, is it Philip Rivers fault?

This past season, during the Chargers six game losing streak that ultimately put their postseason hopes in their grave, Rivers had a total of 12 turnovers; 10 interceptions and 2 fumble lost. In fact, this was one of his worst statistical season to date, with 20 interceptions and 5 fumbles lost. It’s safe to say that if Rivers had played better during the middle of the season, the Chargers could have made the playoffs. We the fans know that Philip Rivers can play better, and he should be playing better as he’s been regarded as an elite QB ever since he started. The 2012 season isn’t all in his hands, with fans wishing for a resigning of Vincent Jackson, the return of a healthy Ryan Mathews and Antonio Gates, and an up and coming Malcolm Floyd at receiver.  It’s a bet we can all make and win that the Chargers will succeed if Philip Rivers can play strongly. In the 2011 season, Philip Rivers threw for 4624 yards, with 27 touchdowns 20 interceptions, and 5 fumbles lost for a QB rating of 88.7.

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