New York Giants turning point of the game in NFC Championship

By garymarchese

The New York Giants and San Francisco Giants had a brutal battle last night in the NFC Championship game.  The Giants came away victorious in overtime by the score of 20-17.  I could break down the game for you but that has been done many times.  What I want to do is talk about the turning point of the game or couple of turning points.  The obvious turning point is the fumble in overtime by the 49ers that led to the game winning field goal by Lawrence Tynes.  The other turning point was the ball that was punted and hit off the returners knee and led to a Giants touchdown.  The Giants without those plays really couldn’t do much of anything, especially in the second half.  The 49ers deserve a lot of credit as they just were swarming all over the field.  Eli Manning took a beating like I have never seen before.  The defenses controlled this game but the 49ers was especially impressive.

The two plays that changed this game will be looked at more closely now.  I will start with the first punt that hit off of Kyle Williams in the fourth quarter.  He got too close to the ball instead of just letting it bounce and the Giants down it.  Devin Thomas recovered it instead at the San Francisco 29 yard line.  The Giants scored a touchdown on a touchdown pass to Mario Manningham that gave them the 17-14 lead.  Williams then in overtime fumbled away another punt and Thomas once again recovered it.  The Giants were set up for the game winning field goal but they did get a first down and then ran three running plays.  Tynes then hit the game winning field goal and the Giants are once again headed to the Super Bowl.

I do feel bad for Williams who made a coupe of mistakes, but the fans are beating him up bad on Twitter.  It isn’t right the way they are treating this guy, wishing he and his family harm.  There does need to be some compassion, yes your mad your team didn’t win but in the scheme of things it isn’t life or death and I am sure no one feels worse then he does about the team losing.

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