Jerry Jones Needs to Back Up Talk About Improving Dallas Cowboys’ Secondary

By Jeric Griffin

The Dallas Cowboys need help in the secondary. Everyone inside and outside the organization knows that, even if new secondary coach Jerome Henderson believes in the current stable of defensive backs. Monday at the Senior Bowl practices, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said his team will make changes in the secondary.

“We very likely will have new faces over there,” Jones said. “How many, I can’t tell you, but we’ll have some new faces.”

Dallas is in a predicament with the contracts of subpar cornerbacks Terence Newman and Orlando Scandrick. Both players recently got new deals worth major bucks, but neither player is worth a darn; Newman had his day, but he’s lost it now and Scandrick never was worth a roster spot.

Fortunately, there are several quality free agent defensive backs this offseason and the 2012 NFL Draft is full of talent as well. The SEC is unloading a ton of talented cornerbacks and safeties, so Jones better be ready to back up his strong talk and make a splash.

If you remember, Jones said the Cowboys would improve in the secondary last offseason, but failed to do so. Although the NFL lockout had a little something to do with that, Jones dropped the ball when he had the chance to bring Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson to Dallas and then failed to sign Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. “Almosts” like that can’t happen again this year.

“Over in the secondary, I do think we’ll get better,” Jones said.

At this point, Jones can’t “think” the secondary will get better. If the Cowboys are to truly contend for a Super Bowl in 2012 like Jones plans, then he needs to know the secondary will get better. If it doesn’t, Dallas won’t be anywhere near the Super Bowl.

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