Washington Redskins 2012 Schedule of Opponents: A Stress Test?

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins 2012 Season will not go 5-11.

Staff can’t afford it, certain player’s can’t afford it, and with everything they’ve been able to do thus far, they will be out of excuses.

They will need all hands on deck for this one.

At home, they will face the  Atlanta Falcons who finished 2nd in the NFC South at 10-6, and the Carolina Panthers who were 6-10 in that same division. They will also face the Cincinnati Bengals who finished 9-7 in the AFC North , and the Minnesota Vikings who crashed at 3-13.

Life on the road will be interesting as they will face the Saints who were at the top of their game at 13-3, the Cleveland Browns who were at the bottom of the AFC North food chain at 4-14, and the  Steelers (oh Lawd!) who ended their season at 12-4.  We can’t forget the Rams, who were 2-14 on the year.

Now add the division wars. Stress? That’s a big 10-4.

So, looking at the schedule, in comparison to the Redskins team we have right now, can the Washington Redskins get something going in the right direction? Yes. This schedule shows performance marks that break even. Home games feature two teams that sucked, one team that was average, and one top team. Away, they face two teams that were horrible and in chaos, and two teams that were the showstoppers for the season.

Now against all odds, this is the season the Redskins need to show the results of their off-season acquisitions like Raheem Morris. Redskins GM Bruce Allen said he liked Morris, that Morris wanted to be here, and the team responds to him well. Working with the defensive backs he will be a key factor to shine up the secondary.  Then you have the ongoing quest for a quarterback. This, in my opinion will tip the scales for the upcoming season. I hate to say it, but a lot is riding on who they put in that position.

I’ll say it again: This season will be different (I know, I know, we say that every year as Redskins fans) But here’s why:  When you bring in new faces, have the chance at a good quarterback fresh out the draft, surround him with quality players and an OK defense, there’s an expectation.  Team veterans maintain the standard, but changes bring expectation. It’s the expectation that gets people excited.

And as fans, it’s the expectation that keeps the drive alive. It’s what makes you a fan. Don’t get me wrong,  I still believe Week 7 should be treated as the official beginning of excitement for every Redskins fan (something like climbing a mountain and looking down). Where we stand at that point always determines where we are in the end.

The Redskins have been given  prime opportunities to makes smart decisions, from good scouting at the Senior Bowl, to good position in the draft. You’ve got a team that even recognizes the “it” factor for the 2012 season. No “X” factors yet (unless you count Helu or Royster) but there  is some “it” factor. They are very close to having “it”.

Our esteemed GM knows that, thus being the reason he was in Mobile with the team. May I add he gave some of the same insight I had mentioned earlier this week? And I quote, he said, “This is really sort of a job fair…”

We know Bruce. In our situation, there’s nothing wrong with that.

For the record, he said something else that I had mentioned when it came to the players gettin some face time with the pros.

Bruce said, “We have a lot of information. But there’s nothing like seeing them run our formations, our drills. There’s nothing like seeing them in this type of action being coached by NFL coaches.”

I’m not saying I’m a mind reader, but every now and then, I do get my “Psych” on.

Scout away, because we need players, not heroes…Dan.






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