Eli Manning Not Backing Down From Elite Comment Prior to 2011 Season

By Jeff Shull

I expect you’re tired of hearing and reliving the comment that Eli Manning made to ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay back in August. So is he.

Eli was asked about the comment that he believes he is an elite quarterback by Ralph Vacchiano Tuesday, and he did not back off.

“I thought I gave an honest answer. I didn’t regret it at the time or think anything of it at the time. Obviously, it was made into a big deal, but I can’t control that. I’m worried about getting ready to play this game, play my best football and get our team ready to play our best football. My job is to play the game. It’s your job to talk and make up stories.”

Ouch. Seems like he has been holding his tongue and upset with reporters all season and let it get to him finally.

Bottom line. Eli has nothing to prove to anyone. He is a top five quarterback in this league. Whether you choose to consider that elite or not is up to you.

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