NFL extends Roger Goodell's contract through 2018

By Kris Hughes

As the protracted NFL lockout dragged on this past summer, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wasn’t exactly the most popular guy in the room. As Gooddell and NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith continued to fight over the future Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that would guide the league’s labor practices for the next decade, many turned against a once popular commissioner.

In the end, however, a deal was done, and the 2011-2012 NFL season went off without a hitch, placing the contentious labor negotiations in the back of the minds of most fans.

Accordingly, the NFL has extended Roger Goodell’s contract through 2018, the terms of which were undisclosed when requested by members of the media.

Goodell’s original contract– which was signed in 2006– allowed the commissioner to earn close to $10 million and a 2009 extension which carried him through to this season.

Goodell seemed genuinely honored and pleased to have been granted an extension, and was quoted as follows:

“I am grateful for the contributions and counsel of NFL owners in managing our league, the talented staff that supports us, and the players and coaches that perform their magic on the field. It is truly a team effort. I am eagerly looking ahead to the challenge of building on our momentum and doing all we can to improve our game for the fans and everyone that is part of our league.”

The momentum which Goodell speaks of is obvious in this season’s NFL Playoffs, with the weekend’s NFC and AFC Championship games taking home some of the best ratings in the past few decades of a 29.1 for the AFC Championship and a 33.4 for the NFC Championship.

These outstanding ratings– combined with the short memory of NFL fans– are proof positive that the NFL still stands as the King of the Hill in professional sports.

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