Rex Ryan and the Super Bowl Nightmare

By garymarchese

I thought to myself after the Giants won on Sunday night, what is Rex Ryan thinking??  Why did I wonder that question, the head coach of the New York Jets who is very vocal is looking at the team that shares a stadium with him and the Jets arch enemy the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.  I thought to myself this has to be his worst nightmare.  The Giants are the team that he considers the second best team in New York and the Patriots he says he isn’t afraid of and he didn’t come to New York to kiss Bill Belicheks rings.  This is one that will make him not talk I would assume.  Rex Ryan led his Jets to two straight AFC title games but they lost both and then this season they were 8-8 and the clubhouse appears to be in disarray.  Ryan did say he has to look at himself and tone things down next year.  He must be steaming inside right now though as the Giants will continue to own the city, no matter what he says and thinks and the Patriots remain the top team in the AFC East and maybe even the whole AFC.  Tom Brady and Belichek are going for their fourth Super Bowl together.

The Giants clearly directed at the Jets tweeted 5-0 in Championship games, that is how it is done.  I am not directly quoting, just paraphrasing, the Jets after two straight appearances in the AFC title game did appear to be very satisfied.  The Giants were trying to say that you haven’t accomplished anything and look at us, we go to the game and say we need to win so we are in the Super Bowl.  It will be interesting to see how much Ryan changes as he has really started getting beat up this offseason, his team, critics, Jets fans and by the other teams.

I must say that he has done a good job but now it is time for him to adjust and lets see what he can do.  He can very easily dish the criticism and be very macho when things are going well.  Can he handle the heat though when things aren’t going so well and he is on the defensive and everyone is coming after him??  We will find out, these couple of weeks have to be the toughest for him.  It doesn’t matter what team wins, he loses because if it is the Giants he will have to see it all the time when he comes to work, if it is the Patriots well he will be reminded of it when they play each other.  The Patriots also will be picked ahead of the Jets and the Jets will be reminded that they need to beat the Patriots to get where they want to go.  It will be a very tough offseason for the Jets and especially their bombastic head coach.

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