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NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles TE Brent Celek Unharmed in Late Night Car Crash

Eagles tight end Brent Celek was involved in a car crash last night, according to a report by the Pennsylvania state police.

Celek was a passenger in a car that crashed into a highway off-ramp at Packer Avenue, near the team’s stadium, at approximately 2:30 a.m. last night. The driver was driving too fast when he spun out and hit a concrete barrier. The driver, Sean Glynn, failed sobriety testing and was arrested on DUI charges.

Celek released the following statement: “In a statement issued through the Eagles, Celek said, “As far as the events of last night are concerned, the bottom line is I showed extremely poor judgment. I did not know that the person driving the car was over the legal limit, but that’s not an excuse. I put my life in danger and was in a vehicle that put other people’s lives in danger, and that’s just not the way I operate. It will not happen again.”

Most importantly, he was not injured in the accident.

The Eagles’ tight end turned 27 yesterday and was likely out celebrating when the incident occurred. He was one of four passengers in the vehicle.

Celek has been on the Eagles since he was drafted in the fifth round in 2007. He caught 62 passes for 811 yards and five touchdowns last season.