Titans Plan to Use Money Wisely When Re-Signing and Choosing Free Agents

By Stephanie Umek

The Tennessee Titans are by far not the richest team in the NFL, but they are pretty far under the NFL Salary cap by about $30 Million. And they get to do some moving around in the upcoming 2013 season. But where will they put the money?

In the 2012 season the five highest paid Titans earned a total of $27.18 million.

Chris Johnson topped the list making $8 million per year. Though he is a solid running back and Tennessee’s go-to guy, did he get paid too much? He only rushed for 1,047 yards this year.

Left Tackle Michael Roos was paid $5.5 million this year. He has started every game for seven straight seasons. This is a guy that gets overlooked due to Running Back success like Chris Johnson’s. But HELLO, he only allowed two sacks this year. If I’m Matt Hasselbeck or Jake Locker, guess who I want blocking my blindside?

Speaking of Matt Hasselbeck, he ties Roos with $5.5 million made last year. Plus late last year he received a $6 million signing bonus.

Right Tackle David Stewart racked in $5 last year while only allowing three sacks. He takes after Roos as far as dedication goes. The O-line may need some help but it would be smart for Tennessee to keep these two exactly where they are.

The Center. Eugene Amano was paid $3.18 million and has been questionable. Maybe this is going to be a game changer for the Titans. They will have to try and do something about the nine year contract he has left though…

The Titans also have seventeen unrestricted free agents. They have a lot of opportunity to make some big changes and it’s going to be exciting to watch this team unfold. March and the free agency deadline can’t come soon enough.

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