Chicago Bears Hire Phil Emery as General Manager...From Bad to Worse


In a move that makes me want to cancel my season tickets and become a monk, the Chicago Bears embraced bad football by hiring Kansas City Director of College Scouting Phil Emery to replace Jerry Angelo as General Manager. It’s perhaps the darkest day in franchise history.

Who the hell left Ted Phillips in charge of this search? He’s hired a guy from a franchise that has a worse record than the Bears. Instead of being an attempt to close the talent gap with the Green Bay Packers, it’s an effort to close the talent gap with the worst franchises in football. Emery will be able to draft top talent because he’ll be in the top five for years to come.

I guarantee you on Monday we’ll hear all about Emery’s work ethic. If you suck at something, work harder at it, doesn’t that mean it will suck more? You’ve given the reigns of this franchise to an assclown with a whistle. But he’s supposedly tough from his Naval Academy experiences. He’s worse than Sarah Palin.

As you can tell, I am beyond pissed. For more venom, follow me on Twitter at ChicagoBearJew.

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