New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan Stops by Pro Bowl Practice, Vows to Fix Problems that Plagued Jets

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It’s easy to forget sometimes how good a coach Rex Ryan is for the New York Jets.

The media loves to build him up or break him down, depending on whatever fits their narrative any given week.

Ryan is a favorite of fans, players and most importantly his bosses, and although the Jets are facing the biggest adversity yet under his watch, the sky is not quite falling, despite what you may have heard.

The Jets head coach stopped by Pro Bowl practice in Hawaii this week, where four of his players will suit up for the AFC in the NFL’s All-Star game on Sunday, and he vowed to fix the problems that hung over the team this year.

Ryan spoke with Bob Holtzman of ESPN, and he talked about the locker room troubles among a few other things that need to be corrected, and he accepted accountability as he promised to get better.

“One thing we know is we’re going to fix it,” Ryan said. “We might have been knocked down this year, but we’re not knocked out. We’re going to be swinging again, there’s no doubt about it.”

Ryan also defended quarterback Mark Sanchez, calling him “the future of the Jets” and said confidently said that he plans on pairing with Sanchez here in New York for a long time.


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