What Andy Reid Must Be Pondering

By Frank Benditt III

Many insiders say that Andy Reid is a ‘lame duck’ coach entering 2012 season.  Jeffery Lurie kind of intimated this with his lackluster overview of the 2011 Eagles season.  So, what is the Big Red thinking about nowadays?  Here are some facts.

Andy’s right hand man and offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, cannot get out of town fast enough.  If there was an interview for a head coaching job in the Areana Football league, Mornhinweg would go for it.

Coach Reid’s controversial choice as defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, is in hiding.  After a season filled with many defensive headaches, Castillo must hide because no one is validating his job.

Contrary, the two ‘new’ coaches, offensive line coach Howard Mudd and defensive line coach Jim Washburn, skate by with little complaint.  Are Washburn and Mudd Andy Reid’s guys.  No.  They are independent of Reid’s world with no particular ties.

Andy Reid’s $100 million man, Michael Vick, and his sub-par season have fans scratching their heads.  Is Vick an elite quarterback or a player that will always be seriously flawed.  One thing everyone knows is that Vick sure cannot play a 16 game season without missing several starts.

I bet Andy is thinking about the 2012 draft and how important it will be to select a couple impact players.  Right now, being married to Michael Vick, going  10-6 and bowing out in the first round of the playoffs is not enough for the Eagles to continue with the “I got to do a better job” coach.

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