2012 Pro Bowl: Redskins’ London Fletcher a Player Anyone Can Cheer For

I had a short, but cool exchange with the London Fletcher camp recently after seeing him post a pic of himself on Twitter:

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Below is the short, yet simple exchange:

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London Fletcher is a man who is truly appreciative of being at the 2012 Pro Bowl. It doesn’t matter  he was an alternate,  even though he led the league in tackles this past season. Here’s someone that would have cheered for his NFC brothers either way.

London Fletcher is a man we can all rally behind.

He’s one of those guys that doesn’t need a lot of hoopla around him to make an impact. He does his job, and does it well.  I’ve always felt the NFL underrates him because he’s a Redskin, but when you look at the work he’s done with his organization London Bridge, you realize that he’s more than a football player.

This guy is a Statesman.

While I’m mad the NFL didn’t think no one on the Washington Redskins roster was worthy to play in the Pro Bowl this year, I’m glad London’s there. If there were ever a sole Redskin who could represent the franchise, it’s  him.  I’m sure fans  agree.  He really enjoys being there, and enjoys being a Redskin. I don’t think he would leave. He’s got a lot of good things going on in the District.

London Fletcher deserves respect, period.



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