Philadelphia Eagles Must Make A Splash Into The Wide Receiver Free Agent Market

The Philadelphia Eagles have a quandary with star wide receiver DeSean Jackson.  Should they cut ties, give him the hefty contract he desires or slap the franchise tag on him?  Based on Jackson’s performance, actually, his effort, I say the Birds need to move on.

DeSean Jackson finished the 2011 season with 58 receptions, 961 yards and four touchdowns.  These are not bad numbers, nor are they sterling.  The problem with Jackson last year was his attitude.  He saw the Eagles give free agents decent money, while they stalled on his contract talks.  DeSean, welcome to the NFL.  That is what most teams do.  It is not an excuse to alligator arm balls, take plays off or virtually give no effort on punt returns.

Coincedentally, 2012 is a strong year for free agent wide-outs.  There are three receivers I would like to see the Eagles pursue.

My number one choice would be the San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson.  Jackson is 29 years old, has terrific size (6’5 230 lbs), stretches the field (18.4 yds per catch in 2011) and is more productive scoring touchdowns (nine in 2011).  Michael Vick could use a big target.

My second choice would be Marques Colston of the New Orlean Saints.  Colston is 28 years old, catches more balls (80 in 2011) than Jackson and, again, has the size (6’4 225 lbs) that could benefit Michael Vick.

The third on my list is the Buffalo Bills Steve Johnson.  Johnson is only 25 years old, caugtht seven touchdowns from a terrible quarterback (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and has more size (6’2 210 lbs) than the diminutive Jackson.

Any one of these three players would look good in an Eagles uniform.  Furthermore, I believe any one of them would be an upgrade over DeSean Jackson.  It is probably just me, however, I am so tired of the diva athlete.  Despite DeSean’s size, there is no bigger diva than Jackson.  Just take a look at his bio…


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  • Andy

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is a terrible quarterback? That’s not what his numbers say. Sure’ he’s a bit of a gunslinger so he makes some bad decisions, but he turned that offense around (starting last season).

    • Frank Benditt III

      Yes, below average QB