Rumor: Peyton Manning To Retire?

By Riley Schmitt

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It looks like we’ve seen the last of Peyton Manning.  Earlier today, a report came out saying that Manning was struggling to regain arm strength.  Although this tweet isn’t exactly rock solid, John Clayton knows what he’s talking about.  If Manning is struggling this much in rehab, retirement is the best option.

Manning has made millions upon millions of dollars.  He’s won a Super Bowl.  He has nothing left to prove in the NFL.  Why risk a permanent debilitating injury when it’s not necessary?  The media back and forth with Colts owner Jim Irsay seemed to spell the end for Manning in Indianapolis.

Of course, this could change.  Likely does not equal certainty.  Manning could improve in time to be ready for next season.  I just don’t see the point.  Retire now and retire gracefully.  No need to become the next Brett Favre.

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