Detroit Lions’ Contribution to Lombardi’s 2011 Enjoyable Moments List

By Joyce Dunne

Scroll down Michael Lombardi’s list of 46 enjoyable moments of the 2011 NFL season. Keep scrolling. A little more. There. Number 26. “Sold out Ford Field.”

I was hoping to see a Lions mention here, and this mention is a good one, a positive note on an upswing season. Lions fans are enjoying a new
visibility in the Jim Schwartz era.

Now, scroll some more. Ah, there he is, number 38 on the list: “Matthew Stafford staying healthy.” Mr. Lombardi, that was enjoyable for us Lions fans, as well.

What I like about this list is that it steers clear of retelling spectacular plays or compiling outstanding stats—the list itself isn’t even a ranking, as such. Lombardi lists the items “in no particular order.”

It also doesn’t pretend to be more than it is. Lombardi isn’t rendering post-season breakdowns here. He’s just providing a refreshing taste in the mouth after the sourness of another season ending without a Super Bowl appearance for teams not named the Giants or the Patriots.

Lions fans will have many more enjoyable moments in the seasons ahead. It’s nice of Lombardi to give us a taste of what to look forward to next season.

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