LeSean McCoy Could Benefit In A Two Back System With A Player Like Peyton Hillis

By Frank Benditt III

There is no doubt that LeSean McCoy is a top tier NFL running back, probably in the top three.  McCoy had a standout 2011 season that earned him a pro-bowl and the bulls-eye of every NFL team’s defense.

LeSean McCoy bolstered 1309 yards, 17 rushing touchdowns and a 4.8 yards per carry average in his 2011 campaign.  McCoy also garnered 48 receptions for 315 yards with an additional three receiving touchdowns.  With his rushing attempts (273) and receptions, McCoy touched the ball a whopping 321 times.

Too boot, all of those touches were accumulated within 15 games.  McCoy has what I call the ‘Michael Westbrook Concern’.  LeSean is not a bruising back.  He can run between the tackles effectively, however, his size is an issue.  McCoy is listed at 5’11 208 pounds.  That is below the average of a typical NFL every down halfback.

McCoy is way too talented, dynamic and valuable to be over-utilized.  Many times, over utilization leads to over exposure.  Unfortunately, it is the life of the NFL running back.

My idea is to explore and actually implement a true two back system.  McCoy will still rush for over 1100+ yards and score touchdowns in the double digits.  His touches could, theoretically, be more impactful.

The Eagles had Ronnie Brown last year and decided not to use him.  Brown is a solid 230 pounds and could have done some solid dirty work.  The Eagles may have known that Brown was already worn out.

I think you look in the draft for a young back that could fit the bill.  The other thought was to bring in a free agent, the likes of Peyton Hillis.  Hillis wanted a contract extension.  By his actions last year, he will not get big money from any NFL team.  Why not sign with a team that has a solid chance of winning?

Hillis is 26 years old, 6’2 250 pounds.  Pair him with LeSean McCoy and the Eagles back field would be daunting.

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