Michael Vick: Can he take the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl?

By Utsav Panchal

It seems that Vick, time and time again, shows us flashes of brilliance. One game he looks unstoppable, the other he looks confused. One game he’s dominant, the other game he shows the fans absolutely nothing. Michael Vick appears to be an “if and only if” logic.

If Michael Vick is healthy, he warrants a Super Bowl QB status. He’s more accurate, he’s more agile, and he even seems to go through his reads better. The question here is, can Vick stay healthy enough to play a full 16 game season, and even if so, can he play through the playoffs without getting hurt? When he shows flashes of greatness, such as the 2010 season which was unbelievable, and then such a mediocre season in 2011, fans have to wonder; which Michael Vick are we going to get this year?

Michael Vic is a tremendous athlete. He has blazing fast speed, and a cannon for an arm. We do have to wonder about his mental and physical toughness. With Vince Young blurting out the words “dream team”, it put a lot of pressure not only on Vick, but the rest of the team. When there is that pressure from fans and analysts and even your own players, it’s going to get through to your head. Maybe that’s a reason that Vick didn’t do so hot this season. We know that there wasn’t a full training camp, and a shortened off-season, but that didn’t stop anyone else in what was a ridiculous year for passing offenses.

We also have to wonder about his physical toughness. Can Vick last a whole season?  Fans have seen QBs such as Roethlisberger, Eli manning, and Tom Brady get back up after bone crunching hits, yet it’s much harder for Vick. This is much due to his smaller frame, but it shouldn’t be that bad of an issue. Michael Vick constantly runs at a level that would incur injury. Instead of sliding, he dives head first, or gets full on tackled by linebackers twice his size.

The full blame can’t be put on Vick alone though. The offensive line was shabby, not really at full strength, and not functioning as one unit until the last quarter of the season when the games didn’t matter. DeSean Jackson, as talented as he is, showed us he has some character issues that need to be worked on. The defense, as vaunted as it was supposed to be, played horribly until late in the season. The linebackers…well we all know the lack of linebackers the Eagles have. This boils down on some of Andy Reid’s part also. The Eagles paid all this money for an elite QB, yet they have a shoddy offensive line protecting him, and then blame him for his turnovers.

Yet we still live in the age of a QB, and when worse comes to worse, he does get most of the blame. Admittedly, everyone had high hopes of him after the 2010 season. He looked unstoppable. In 2011, he was merely average. But when looking back on it, that’s all he needed to be. In five different games, the Eagles had the lead in the 4th quarter. If the Eagles defense had made one stop, the Eagles would have been in the playoffs, and who knows how far they would have gone. Vick played average, but he played good enough to put the Eagles in a position to win. It looks like the rest of the team has to step up. If Michael Vick can put together a 2012 season reminiscent to 2010, the Eagles are in very good shape to go deep in the playoffs. A healthy Vick is a Super Bowl quality QB.

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