Osi Umenyiora Now Happy He Remained a New York Giant

By Jeff Shull

Talk about doing a complete 180. New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who is now in Indy preparing for Super Bowl XLVI, is happy he remained on the team.

Yeah, I wonder why. This attitude is a far cry from where it was prior to the season opener, when it was clear Osi did not want to be on the team.

The former Pro Bowl player started this season with a hold out, and now has a chance to win his second ring in four seasons. Needless to say, he probably is pretty happy the Giants did not budge during his hold out.

“You never know how things will work out in life. The season started one way for me, with all that trash-talking. Now it ends with…this.”

“There were times when I thought I might get traded, and times when I thought they’d keep me around.” With a chuckle, Osi added “I’m glad they decided to keep me around.”

Osi has played only 12 games this season, including the playoffs, and has 12.5 sacks in those games. He claims he never lost confidence in his abilities, despite the perceived lack of faith from his organization and the injury problems.

“And no matter what was happening, first with the contract and then with the injuries, I never lost confidence in myself. The whole time, I had confidence that once I got healthy I could be the same player I always was.”

There is no denying the Giants surge through the playoffs had a lot to do with Osi Umenyiora coming back from injury in Week 17, but when asked about his future Osi gave a curt answer.

“I’m a Giant until somebody tells me I’m not.”

We’ll see.

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