The Peter Principle...Welcome to the Chicago Bears


In my last blog (click here), I made mention of the Peter Principle. To refresh your memories, it was written by Dr. Lawrence J. Peter and Raymond Hull in 1969 in a book that shares that title. On top of many other things, it is famous for noting that in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence. The more I think about the Chicago Bears, the more this organization exemplifies this logic.

I’ve been on enough tirades about newly hired GM Phil Emery, I would like to start with the other knuckleheads around Halas Hall. Team CEO George McCaskey is in the job because his last name happens to be that of his mother Virginia. Before taking over one of the proudest franchises in football, he was the ticket manager. While I’m sure there’s much to be learned from this position, it’s not exactly a science with the computerized ticket systems. While I’ve met McCaskey and think he’s a swell guy, there’s nothing that impresses me more than anyone else. McCaskey had a real opportunity to make things right with the Chicago Bears by learning from his personal friend from the Chicago Blackhawks, Rocky Wirtz. But instead, he took advice from his family and allowed the hiring of a General Manager because he works cheaply. Once a Halas/McCaskey, always a Halas/McCaskey. I had such high expectations and was squashed like a grape.

Let’s move to former accountant turned team president Ted Phillips. On Sweaty Teddy’s watch, the Chicago Bears built the smallest stadium in the NFL. Even Forbes Magazine criticized the organization. In his latest move, he was empowered with hiring the newest GM after firing his friend and way-too long tenured Jerry Angelo. What does he do? Does he hire a guy with a track record with a Super Bowl winning organization? Of course not, he hires some long-time pal Emery to take over one of the proudest franchises in the NFL. Emery doesn’t stick around too long with organizations. Proves to me that teams see right through his lack of skills. Phillips just built another Solider Field with Emery. What could have been a breakthrough time for the Bears will be another huge setback. Emery has about as much business being a GM in this league as Caleb Hanie has being in the NFL. This goes down as one of the darkest days in franchise history. I am now resigned to the Chicago Bears being a horrible football team for many years to come. We’ll long for Dave Wannstedt.

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