The New York Giants and Super Bowl Media Day

By garymarchese

The New York Giants arrived in Indianapolis around 3:00PM Monday afternoon.  They settled in and had a quiet night.  Tuesday though was a different story as it was media day.  The New England Patriots had their turn first and then the New York Giants got their hour.  If you don’t know what media day is, it is basically a collection of all the media that is in town and they get as many of the players and coaches as possible and ask them questions.  This isn’t only sports media, there are all media types there so sometimes it leads to some crazy things happening.  It can be pretty wild or in this case calm as you have two veteran coaches and pretty veteran teams that no how to handle the pressure.

The Giants do have a couple of outspoken players.  Brandon Jacobs and Antrelle Rolle are the main guys who you may be able to get something out of.  Jacobs kind of started some controversy on media day.  He stated that his friend Plaxico Burress really wanted to come back to the Giants and not go to the New York Jets.  He also mentioned a possible Burress and New York Giants reunion in 2012.  I don’t by this at all because I think that ship has sailed.  Burress isn’t the same player he was back in 2007 and also he had some harsh comments about the Giants and coach Tom Coughlin after he signed with the Jets.

Jacobs also hinted at the fact of Burress being under-utilized and him not wanting to go back to the Jets because of their much publicized turmoil in the locker room.  Burress caught 45 passes for 612 yards and eight touchdowns.  Burress had a bittersweet season as he was happy to be back on the football field following a 20 month prison sentence but wasn’t happy with how he was used and the situation he was in.  Jacobs said he talked to Burress a couple of weeks ago and he was saying look at the Giants and 49ers in the NFC Championship and those were two teams I was interested in.  Jacobs stated that Burress will be a spectator at the Super Bowl this season.

Mario Manningham did talk about exposing Julian Edelman the other day.  The media gave him a chance today to clarify the comments and he passed saying he still intends to expose him.  Rolle was confident as usual saying we will bring it home, meaning the trophy and saying he doesn’t think the Giants can stop the two Patriots tight ends, he knows it.  Eli Manning of course was asked a lot about his brother and his legacy.  Eli didn’t say much about  his brothers future and said Peyton is his biggest cheerleader, he said a second championship would be nice.  Eli also said though it isn’t about him but the team and what it would mean to guys like Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Steve Weatherford etc, that have never won it before.

The Patriots as usual said a lot of nothing.  They take after their coach Bill Belichik who is a great coach but just doesn’t give you any information at all.  The Patriots media day was pretty uneventful.  Gronkowski their tight end remains the story as he has a bad ankle.  He was out of the walking boot today and said he will play in the game Sunday.  It remains to be seen how effective he is though, if he isn’t himself it is a big blow to the Patriots.  I am sure the Giants will try and bump him around to test that ankle.  It should be an interesting couple of more days leading up to the Big game but ultimately it is about the game and who executes the best.

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