Roger Staubach Predicts New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl XLVI

By Jeric Griffin

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach is using the logistics of his commercial real estate firm, Jones Lang LaSalle, to predict the winner of Super Bowl XLVI. Staubach is basing his prediction on the office vacancy in New York and Boston.

Staubach is predicting the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl in 2012 because Boston has an office vacancy rate of 20.5 percent. That number almost doubles New York’s 10.4 percent.

“We hit it on the money last year with the Packers and I’m confident that we’ve got it right again this time with the Patriots,” Staubach said. “I said it last year and I’ll say it again, this vacancy rate hypothesis is the real deal.”

Staubach and the firm have used this approach to predict Super Bowls for more than a decade now with a 66 percent success rate. Turns out the former Navy Midshipman can do more than throw a football.

I don’t have a unique way of predicting the winner of the 2012 Super Bowl, but I still disagree with Staubach, even though I have the utmost respect for the Hall of Famer. As you’ll see in this Super Bowl XLVI video, Rant Sports director of content Dan Parzych and I also disagree on who will win the Super Bowl.

The Giants have a better team than the Patriots and New York is on a hot streak. Throw in the record-breaking clutch performances by Eli Manning this year and my money is on the G-Men. Guess we’ll see if office vacancy rates can continue to fuel Staubach’s Super Bowl predictions.

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