$1 Million Dollars to Change Jersey Number; Adrian Peterson Says No

By Andrew Fisher

So apparently Adrian Peterson has been thinking of changing his jersey number from 28 to 23, but a “little” problem came up, and the switch is off. After learning of the hefty price tag of $1,000,000 to switch, Peterson changed his mind. At this point it’s not exactly clear who is responsible for the ruling, the jersey producer or the NFL, it may be a combination of both. Regardless, whoever it is, would force Peterson to buy all the remaining #28 jerseys, which apparently cost a cool mil. AP didn’t quite agree with the price tag and took to Twitter with some great tweets to share his feelings on the ruling:

[blackbirdpie id=”164768620495388673″]

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Props to AP for calling them out on this one. I certainly agree that there should be a fee for switching numbers, but asking for a ridiculous amount just seems petty. Does the NFL not realize they would probably sell more AP jerseys next year with the new number?

How did things work out for Lebron James who switched to #6 last season? Oh, he just lead the league in sales, no big deal. Now obviously James also switched teams, which I’m sure had something to do with the sales, but there is no way an AP #23 jersey would sell less than the current #28.

Personally, I like the #28 for AP and I’m glad that he’s not switching, but from a business standpoint, I’ll have to disagree.

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